Worry – A Traitor of a Beautiful Lifestyle

The society where everything seems to be moving on the fast lane will always be plagued with one problem or the other. It is to all intentions that such will always exist. However, coping with these problems is the bane that the society must learn to tackle. One of such problems that tail this society is worry! Or better still in its broad concept as applied to peoples in the society ‘worries’. Now, I think we should ask ourselves why we worry! Why do we actually worry and unnecessarily burden our minds with trivial matters? It has been observed that in most conditions when people worry, that it is most about what may not ordinarily deserve such concern. It implies that most people worry about worthless things which they would have left alone without even thinking it. Some people believe worry is inevitable in as much one is alive; they believe it is a vital attribute of the living. Beauty lifestyle Such people agree that the moment one stops worrying about whatever his interest, the person is dead!

You see, I believe in psychology, though I am a life scientist. This is because it can handle very effectively cases like this. I will therefore say is it compulsory that we have to live in the bondage of worry? Can’t we just free our minds from it? The fact is everyone has the sole discretion to living the life the way he chooses. It is therefore a matter of choice, which individuals will determine. Allowing worry is like a deliberate frustration that can result in unprecedented consequences. People die everyday mostly because of worries, not because they are so hardworking that they die working, it is because such people worry than work. Worry can also be driven by fear. In my opinion, I will call this ‘fear of the unknown’. This is a silent killer that actually serves as springboard to full fledge worrying. Another effect of worry is that is very inimical to life as it takes its toll on the spirit and enthusiasm. It will not be an over emphasis to liken it to a traitor in a military camp, that dampens their powder and weakens their aim, psychologically, makes them feel defeated already!

It is also an experience that can impair a normal living and co-existence with others in the society, a worried mind is a wandering mind in its wretched experience that leaves such mind exhausted, uninvolved and in deep hopeless despair, with a sound feeling of doom imprisonment that is very awful. Worry, am sure is only a shear waste of time and can also make the sufferer so to say go mad momentarily. Worry is a system that gives you something to do but it does not get you anywhere just like a rocking chair. You see, there is nothing that wastes the body like worry and one who is optimistic should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever. Remember that an optimist is someone who takes the cold water thrown on his idea, heats it with enthusiasm and uses the steam to push ahead.

The summary of these is that worry is not an attribute of someone who believes and stands up again all odds for the fact that ‘everything will be fine’ worry becomes the traitor of life when we underestimate the potentials of life itself to handle the course of its events and we ignorantly step in feeling we can help it, this is where we get it wrong as stress, an affiliate of worry is what you will make of it and that can be the difference between coping and collapsing.

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